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[Offer] Junos Layer 2 VPNs - Official Juniper Student book and Lab guide


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An engineer must advertise a selection of external networks learned from a BGP neighbor into the ACI fabric. Which L3Out subnet configuration option creates an inbound route map for route filtering?

A. External Subnets for the External EPG
B. Shared Route Control Subnet
C. Import Route Control Subnet
D. Shared Security Import Subnet

Answer: C

An engineer must set up a Cisco ACI fabric to send Syslog messages related to hardware events, such as chassis line card failures. The messages should be sent to a dedicated Syslog server. Where in the Cisco APIC should the policy be configured to meet this requirement?

A. uni/tn-common/monepg-default
B. uni/infra/monifra-default
C. uni/fabric/monfab-default
D. uni/fabric/moncommon

Answer: C

An engineer must implement management policy and data plane separation in the Cisco ACI fabric. Which ACI object must be created in Cisco APIC to accomplish this goal?

A. Application profile.
B. Tenant.
C. Contract.
D. Bridge domain.

Answer: B

An engineer is implementing a Cisco ACI environment that consists of more than 20 servers. Two of the servers support only Cisco Discovery Protocol with no order link discovery protocol. The engineer wants the servers to be discovered automatically by the Cisco ACI fabric when connected. Which action must be taken to meet this requirement?

A. Create an override policy that enables Cisco Discovery Protocol after LLDP is enabled in the default policy group.
B. Configure a higher order interface policy that enables Cisco Discovery Protocol for the interface on the desired leaf switch.
C. Configure a lower order policy group that enables Cisco Discovery Protocol for the interface on the desired leaf switch.
D. Create an interface profile for the interface that disables LLDP on the desired switch that is referenced by the interface policy group.

Answer: A

An engineer wants to monitor all configuration changes, threshold crossing, and link-state transitions in a Cisco ACI fabric. Which action must be taken to receive the required messages?

A. Add Faults and Events to the monitor policy.
B. Add Session Logs and Audit Logs to the monitor policy.
C. Include Audit Logs and Events in the Syslog source policy.
D. Include Events and Session Logs in the Syslog source policy.

Answer: C

An organization has encountered many STP-related issues in the past due to failed hardware components. They are in the process of long-term migration to a newly deployed ACI fabric. Senior engineers are worried that spanning-tree loops in the existing network may be extended to the ACI fabric. Which feature must be enabled on the ACI leaf ports to protect the fabric from spanning-tree loops?

A. BPDU Guard
C. Storm Control
D. BPDU Filter

Answer: B

A network engineer must design a method to allow the Cisco ACI to redirect traffic to the firewalls. Only traffic that matches specific L4-L7 policy rules should be redirected. The load must be distributed across multiple firewalls to scale the performance horizontally. Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?

A. Configure ACI Service Graph with Unidirectional PBR.
B. Implement ACI Service Graph with GIPo.
C. Implement ACI Service Graph Two Nodes with GIPo.
D. Configure ACI Service Graph with Symmetric PBR.

Answer: D

An engineer created two interface protocol policies called Pol_CDP40275332 and Pol_LLDP46783451. The policies must be used together in a single policy. Which ACI object must be used?

A. interface policy group
B. switch policy group
C. switch profile
D. interface profile

Answer: A

What is the minimum number of APICs does Cisco recommend to deploy in a production cluster?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Answer: B

An engineer must allow multiple external networks to communicate with internal ACI subnets. Which action should the engineer take to assign the prefix to the class ID of the external Endpoint Group?

A. Enable the Export Route Control Subnet for the External Endpoint Group flag.
B. Enable an L3Out with Shared Route Control Subnet.
C. Configure subnets with the External Subnets for External EPG flag enabled.
D. Configure subnets with the Import Route Control Subnet flag enabled.

Answer: C

An engineer must ensure that Cisco ACI flushes the appropriate endpoints when a topology change notification message is received in an MST domain. Which three steps are required to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)

A. Enable the BPDU interface controls under the spanning tree interface policy.
B. Configure a new STP interface policy.
C. Bind the spanning tree policy to the switch policy group.
D. Associate the STP interface policy to the appropriate interface policy group.
E. Create a new region policy under the spanning tree policy.
F. Map VLAN range to MAT instance number.

Answer: ABD

A Cisco ACI bridge domain and VRF are configured with a default data-plane learning configuration. Which two endpoint attributes are programmed in the leaf switch when receiving traffic? (Choose two.)

A. Remote MAC, IP.
B. Remote Subnet.
C. Local IP, not MAC.
D. Local MAC, IP.
E. Local Subnet.
F. Remote IP.

Answer: DF

An engineer must configure a group of servers with a contract that uses TCP port 80. The EGP that contains the web servers requires an external Layer 3 cloud to initiate communication. Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?

A. Configure the EGP as a provider and L3 out as consumer of the contract.
B. Configure OSPF to exchange routes between the L3 out and EGP.
C. Configure a taboo contract and apply it to the EPG.
D. Configure the EPG as a consumer and L3 out as a provider of the contract.

Answer: A


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