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  1. Thank you for the share. Do you JNCIS-SP course too?
  2. Please share original PDF version if some body has it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Any chance of getting latest JMF & L3VPN course guides as well? Many thanks for all the other great shares 👍
  4. Hi Juan, Do you also have latest study guides for JNCIS - SP and JNCIP - SP ?
  5. Which vendor this course is from? Thanks.
  6. Will give it try using internet download manager. Looks like gmail link access is restricted now. Requested access, pls approve. Thanks.
  7. Download failing, probably due to large file size. Would it possible to re-upload on g drive with files split in smaller size. Thanks in advance.
  8. Please share if any one got this course. Thanks.
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