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  1. Not yet, upon available, I'll get from digitaltut and upload to the forum
  2. I've found this website. Do you guys think it is reliable and valid?
  3. Yes, it seem new questions are present. Although are little changes in questions, I think is risky until new dumps are released.
  4. Thank you! Could anybody confirm its validity?
  5. Hi guys, Would anybody has a valid dump for ENARSI? Also if you can suggest me a trusted dump website, thank you! Cheers, juan
  6. This one works nice and it is not identified as a threat.
  7. Hi, You need a web-based program to do it. I don't know its name. Maybe @barabolja could tell you more. Cheers, juan
  8. Sorry, I have no more material than that uploaded in links I posted
  9. Hi guys, A friend of mine is about to take this exam. Does anyone have valid dumps or else make the exam recently to feedback, please? Cheers, juan
  10. Sorry you just arrived and instead of contributing you only ask for help, in spite of I have explained my situation of unavailability. Perhaps you could investigate this and share with members of the forum instead of complaining.
  11. It will be reuploaded and available within some 2h.