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  1. Hi admin, Please banned this scammer. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Anyone here still have access to get updated portion JNCIE-DC portion as per url below. [Hidden Content] Thanks
  3. Hi R2013, I PM u....
  4. Hi, Its not valid anymore. Same as rucazros share.
  5. Hi, The question also old. Not valid
  6. Hi bro, Thanks for your share. Good for someone to practice even the question/solution no longer valid starting July 2022.
  7. Hi, Look like u not read statement PM if u interest. Thanks
  8. Hi, If u interest to purchase JNCIP exam vocuher that price USD230 then please PM me...the voucher expired on 31 July 2022. Thanjs
  9. Hi @CiscoCisco, Is it your question list is valid and u already try it? Thanks
  10. Hi, The DayOne book also have good detail explanation on segment routing. Complete with config. Thanks
  11. Hi Maddy, If u interest in Segment Routing in Junos then u can search on juniper website on DayOne book Segment Routing. Thanks
  12. Hi bro, I just pm u. Let's talk privately. Thanks
  13. Hi MiamiDevOps, Yes, still have. The voucher valid until 31 July 2022. Thanks