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My EI Lab Attempt Feedback - PASS!

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check my post in the other discussion I place some of the questions I recall I got in my exam

I did on 29 March

Some are doing on Dubai and no change last week

I also heard RTP also got same changes on DES

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Hello Users, 

Full transparency here. Cisco Exam Security monitors message boards similar to this. We also receive many tips regarding posts like this. To give any candidate an unfair advantage by posting content covered on an exam to pass, is a violation of the Cisco NDA that is signed by every person who takes a Cisco exam. If Exam Security is able to identify the culprit or we are able to determine you are linked exposing Cisco Exam material you risk your exam being invalidated and/ or banned from taken Cisco exams in the future. 

We encourage study groups using Cisco approved training material however providing an unfair advantage and sharing copyrighted Cisco exam material is something Cisco takes very serious. 

If you would like to report other post like this. Please do so on the moderator page or report them to Cisco Exam Security's tipline @ [email protected]


Cisco Exam Security 


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