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  1. Turns out the creds in containerlab are admin / admin@123
  2. Can anyone confirm what the default username/password is for this image? I thought it was root/root, but having built this to a docker image using vrnetlab that doesn't seem to work when I SSH in. Container works fine,vMX works perfectly. But right now I'm forced to get a shell via qemu virtual serial console and add/set up another user before I can ssh in.
  3. xzjt thank you!!! life saver this will really help me with my labs 🙂
  4. User xzjt was kind enough to share version cRPD 22.3R1.11 in another thread. Thanks!!
  5. I managed to track down a working version of crpd. It was extracted from a VM image I found, within which it was simply tagged "crpd-custom". I've run the extracted image on my own machine now with docker (via containerlab) and it's working fine. CLI works, SSH and Netconf also. Hopefully be of use to some people. To use it in containerlab you just need to load it to your local docker as follows: # Load the docker image docker load -i crpd_custom-docker-20.2R1.10.tgz # Tag it as crpd:latest docker tag crpd-custom:latest crpd:latest After which you can define nodes of type 'crpd' I'm still after a more recent version of cRPD (for EVPN/VXLAN), so if anyone can help there please do!
  6. Thanks for this. I've attached GNS3 appliance files that work to import these to GNS3. juniper-vmx-vcp.gns3a juniper-vmx-vfp.gns3a
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