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  1. FYI guys!!. There is a Latest Simulation on IS-IS for IPv4 and IPv6 Both.
  2. @actionpri I am using an assembled server with ASUS Motherboard & E5-2697V2 x 2 CPUs. It doesn't matter which brand you are using, but the minimum Spec must met.
  3. @masterjack, for SD-Access, you require real devices. Till now no virtual images supports. You can create overlay using CSR1000v but no underlay.
  4. Yes it is running on 2X12 cores with 256 gig RAM nad 1.5 TB SSD. Installed it on ESXI 6.7 U3
  5. ip nhrp shorcut is already there in pre-configs
  6. Roger You talk about passing with the vendors you mentioned. Check the Section 1.16, they are using OSPF E1 Type on R23 & R24 and in Question it is restricted. Even their IPv6 BGP is wrong (route-map)
  7. Hi Smithper Check the Section-1 Solution i Posted. Let me know what is the difference
  8. Hi Guys!! This Sunday i had time to solve Section-1 of EI. I changed my previous solution to Section 1.3, i feel cisco is asking to check your knowledge on Boolean Tracking. [Hidden Content]
  9. @Karabas Hi !! I find this is the easiest way and it worked for me without using any Windows/Linux Server.
  10. Hi Guys, a simple way to onboard SD-WAN CSR router. I am using : Cisco IOS Software [Gibraltar], Virtual XE Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UCMK9-M), Version 16.12.4, [Hidden Content] You can check my previous post:
  11. Yes Even I agree with @routemap, Cisco is asking for "OR" boolean. I am going to make solution for the entire section 1 and post it
  12. @masterjack Did you try to upgrade? Please do not upgrade or update: Try the below method After installation reboot and wait for minimum 30-40 minutes. Then login (ssh port 2222)with maglev as user and password you provided. then check: $ maglev package status Here you will see 2 columns names named DEPLOYED and AVAILABLE. The DEPLOYED version will be like and AVAILABLE is something like This is the Catch. Cisco wants you to install the AVAILABLE one. So it goes to "[Hidden Content]" page (something like that) Now Disconnect the Internet. and use the package already showing you as DEPLOYED: $ maglev package deploy <name of the package:version number> for example: $ maglev package deploy automation - base: It starts deploying the already available packages & versions came along with the ISO. This is a trick played by cisco to sell the hardware. Why you want to update unnecessary? It doesn't make any difference in Lab environment. Also don' t install Version 2.x , because it requires smart licensing and some packages are must download from Cisco site. Yes for industry, you require real gear. Some of the useful maglev commands: cat /etc/network/interfaces route -n | more $ sudo maglev login -u admin -p (password) -c (ip addrress):443 $ maglev package status $ maglev catalog package display $ magctl node status $ maglev system_updater update_info $ maglev catalog package status network-visibility $ magctl service nodescale progress $ magctl appstack status $ magctl appstack status | grep postgres $ maglev catalog settings display $ maglev catalog settings validate $ maglev catalog check_for_updates $ magctl dns config show $ nslookup catalogserver.maglev-system.svc.cluster.local $ nslookup www.ciscoconnectdna.com $ nslookup registry.ciscoconnectdna.com $ wget [Hidden Content]:443 $ wget [Hidden Content] $ curl -Is [Hidden Content] | head -n 1 $ curl -Is [Hidden Content] | head -n 1
  13. Ok. I'll try to make an OVF /OVA file. But it is time consuming Already it is taking 460 G of Hard-disk space. (thin Provisioned)