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EI LAB Configs

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4 minutes ago, z3xpert said:


Sorry for hearing this my buddy, hope you'll get your digits next time.
We'll review your config and keep you posted, otherwise, for DES you've got the same questions?

I passed the design section and it was not new one?

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Hey @katfrom what I saw quickly in your config in my opinion there are  few not needed and wrong which might have caused losing points, more  I don't understand how can you pass without finishing section 2.1-2.5 this will impact your overall score, can you share more of the feedback provided, so we can go on through technologies and try to find out what is wrong on the dump:


 Is not necessary or required:
           spanning-tree link-type point-to-point

        Is not necessary or required:
         area 1 virtual-link
         area 1 range
 area 1 virtual-link cost 100
 it should be:
  area 1 range cost 100

  ipv6 nd ra interval msec 1000
 ipv6 nd ra lifetime 3

it should be:
ipv6 nd reachable-time 3000

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I'm agree with bengini regarding 1.4 the cost should be applied on "area 1 range" sequence otherwise traffic from DC to HQ may be routed via SW202-SW102.

In regard with the virtual-link, it is seemingly required for SW101 & SW102 to see each other via OSPF some candidates whom managed to get their number confirm that they've applied this.

By additioning the points you've missed along the various sections 1.4, 2.1-2.5, 3.2 it's a bit tough to pass the exam

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  • kat changed the title to EI LAB Configs
4 hours ago, bengini said:

here it is :

This is the hidden content, please

@benginiHave u actually done a debug and tested how long it takes for the Routers to failover? Can u post a debug with the Timestamp?

The config that I posted above was actually tested. Do u not need to still lower the RA Lifetime in order for the Node to consider that particular Router unreachable? Have u tested the failover urself?

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