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I am using CD Lab but there are some errors in their lab.

It is difficult to complete the lab tasks due to their error or some failures

The staffs are not so helpful as well.

Is there anyone who is using CD? They have rack 1-4.

Could  you tell me which rab is good?


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try rack 1 and 2 as they are best , rack 3 and rack 4 are also okay but can try sometimes,if you are lucky you might it  use for longer time.


finally,I would rate CD racks for EI  is best when you use rack 1 and rack2.

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Thank you for your advice
SP router's interfaces are often shutdown so I have yo check it. Thanks

Additionally,  when I open DNAC after section 1, SW400-510 names are already proper before I start section 2.1

Do you know this reason?

Is it my config problem or lab problem?

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