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Who is the best and accurate CCIE lab Provider.

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On 11/30/2022 at 12:47 PM, JustLSD said:

I am planning for CCIE EI lab and want to know who is the best and has accurate solution. Kinldy help.

I will also share that with people once i pass it at no cost. 🙂

Chinesedumps * com best and accurate and group to pass is important. 

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It is indeed crazy, i just spoke one of the guy i know, and he passed in Richardson with  CLC content. It seems exam is still stable at the moment. Changes are expected after January 2023 as i heard...

bu never knows. Not that i am promoting CLC here, it just makes sense when you speak with real human and get their feedback rather than comments on the particular forum. I am willing to share my experience and what i have….. previous forum certcollection chaps were much better in terms of sharing their feedback and etc. 

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On 12/5/2022 at 11:39 AM, lucaboban said:

Certification roadmap publishing process


This is the hidden content, please


we should expect changes as of May 2023 and onwards

I think the expert level lab exams might follow a slightly different schedule though but it seems like the last update came around june/july of this year so that may be accurate. just keep in mind that they also said this on that page:

"How does the Cisco Certifications Roadmap affect CCIE lab exams?

All Expert-level certifications will align with the associated technology track cycle, but changes to Expert-level certifications might not occur annually due to their complexity and longer time period requirements (such as upgrades for hardware and software)."

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Just go with chinesedumps.com workbooks they break all CCIE i trust them 100% after i passed the lab in short everything was from CD word to word rest all is just matching 60 to 70% max. 

Being to Sr poster and member of CC thats my first recommendation for CCIE lab success.

I think now all should wait till Feb then attempt. 

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