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  1. chinesedumps aka passsplabs are worth.
  2. First of all anything you are getting in cheap rates are always not worth. Second no vendor share their contain in direct pdf files Third i have download your file and it was demo which is not worth. Best is always to get direct then from anyone because even if you get from somewhere you do not know whether it is correct version or not because one minor mistake or one change in file can make you fail. But if you take from them directly they guide you and support you as per my previous experience go direct with CH not with anywhere else.
  3. There is already best CCIE preparation group of CCIE over skype join it.
  4. When you use free version its never be passable when you purchase you get all updates + real solution. Then you have to work on that more accuracy sol and make it more perfect and then attempt thats the key.
  5. I use to communite with them directly on their skype i think its best idea to chat live then leave message and wait or on their live support chat.
  6. It means you are not following them properly. You have to add them on skype : ccierack.rentals they are super active and support all the time 24/7 ensure you added them on skype and chat. They are very good you will even get your credits back for sure if issue from their end.
  7. This is now old version Chinesedumps has ver 1.9 latest release.
  8. Chinesedumps is just 100% accurate i passed from it CCDE written is changed now from 352-001 to 400-007 code i think for new version all should wait until it get stable. Get it from chinesedumps only they always provide right stuff and exact stuff !!! bit expensive but with correct information/pass files.
  9. I used all ccierack.rentals racks for practice actually they are from chinesedumps all dnac is physical they have not sure how much money they got to invest but all racks were pretty good.
  10. First i paid to CLC and got failed its complete fake sol and waste vendor. After that when i purchased CH and shared here chinesedumps workbooks seven release still few candidates here told me the same that i am a agent but no one appreciate my share nor understand the truth. Today i saw more then 5k views and so many downloads of my post and i can also see so many using CH workbooks & eve passing. I worked in group solved few solutions and cracked it now i can see even chinesedumps has the passable contain i am sure even their team would have cracked it. When i shared my experience all started saying the same i can't understand simple thing people do not want to invest and whoever invest and say the truth why he become agent ha ha strange people strange mentality. You do not want to work what is shared you do not want to work hard and discuss and only keep commitments on the points which you do not know. Why don't you guys purchase it and share it here in group simple. Once again i am not promoting here anyone but do not go to CLC their workbooks is complete waste and fake. Now i am getting 100 of PM for what i have shared previously in CC. Sometime i feel laughing when some guys comment Chinesedumps is from india or usa or from ..... or CLC or spoto from there ...... its so basics you think they are so fool to say you where they are from. I am sure they know Cisco very well you just need 10$ card and few bank account which you can tie up from any payment gateways and get the money... people has so much time to track anyone instead of that i believe you should focus on task and discussion on every task here. Starting new journey soon catch you guys there best of luck to all.
  11. It's not their problem you yourself did mistake by choosing wrong and fake solution of CLC. CC is the best source and real source and right source to gain perfect information who has perfect and accurate sol. Except chinesedumps no one has accurate sol I passed from it already. Please share your experience here so that all can be careful before attempt. Share more details of CLC here how you paid them and their communications so that no other can get fooled by those fake vendors.
  12. Both are same and they are using the real racks [Hidden Content] which has physical DNA in all the racks. Chinesedumps very good now to pass.
  13. CLC files are complete waste and even their solution is not worth so do not use this above file its not accurate. Just follow the Chinesedumps CH files thats all needed to pass and even their answers are very accurate.
  14. Best vendor is passdatacenterlabs aka ccierack.rentals whos the only guys will have the real racks for all tracks including DC Starting my journey and crack in next 3 months Many of my friends cracked in one shot from passdclabs wb racks on v1.0 / v2.0 & best complete racks on ccierack.rentals For DC we have to purchase racks thats key and make group and keep discussing and we have to do together so if i do lab you can watch when you do it i have to watch thats how we can break the complete DC Lets do it all together.