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  1. Don’t forget you also need to filter a prefix at the branch level. I would go with Option one because you need to filter based on the direction of the routes from the vSmarts perspective so you couldn’t filter one without filtering the other with a single policy.
  2. Does anyone have the updated requirements for section 1.4 on DOO? The existing Seventh release is close but missing several requirements on this task.
  3. Is LACP Fast switchover even an available command on the IOSvL2 image? I don't believe it is. Also noticed that IOSvL2 image is a little buggy with Port Channels not using LACP as well. You need to shut the port channels down and configure the interfaces and then no shut the port channels on both sides to get them to come up.
  4. It is possible. Do not use IoL because the Lab isn't using it. Use the IOSv stuff because that is what you will run into on the actual lab, and it comes with its own set of special issues to deal with.
  5. The solution I have seen appears incorrect around the vedges. Simply changing the MTU does stabilize the neighbor ship between vedge and vlan 3999 however all or most of the routes learned at the vedge on vpn999 become inactive. Does it violate condition of the task to change the OSPF process for vlan3999 and perform a mutual redistribution between the new process and the existing process to solve this task?
  6. Good point. Also i would point out that the task also mentions that you should not change the existing etherchannel configuration if any. So making both sides active would be going against that statement as I believe at least one switch has channel-group configured on all ports.
  7. Don't use a desktop, use an actual server if you can get access to one. I would suggest something like a Dell R810 if you want to lab an entire topology for CCIE and you need at least 512GB of ram if you want to run DNAC as well. R810 is 40 Cores and allows you to install and run DNAC on a VM. Also plenty to run several CSRv1000s and vIOS routers and switches that will be needed.
  8. The practice labs are only focused on SDA and SDWAN which is only 1 section of the actual exam. The scenarios are not even close to what you actually see on the Lab Exam.
  9. Is this group still up? taking exam in July also
  10. Release 7 is mostly accurate on Deploy however there has been things added that are not present on the workbook. Section 1.2 changed from Rapid PVST to now using MST and configuring VTP V3