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  1. They just give limited storage for free, I have thought that this much of storage will keep forever and yes long time about an year
  2. Yes , unpleasant and harsh experience . I do . Thank you
  3. This is heartbreaking and really pathetic. Is it due to any reasons ? anyone know ? I kept files below the storage's limitation . In the past, it showed an error like TOS (can'r be downloaded ), but now, after logging , account is empty , just a popup appears that says security is being upgraded. and two buttons : Ok , and cancel.
  4. Hi all, After a long time, recently, I login into my several mega.nz accounts which created by temporary mail which was fine and had never been any problem.Now, I check my account, all data is deleted , nothing exist. what is happened to Mega.nz ? Did it announce any new rules ? NOTE: All accounts used less than 15 GB so nothing exceeded .
  5. Long-time ago I kindly asked from anyone to share in a place such as mega which has ability to transfer,import,save No one listen me. By far the biggest problem is a reporting of just one file there, all remaining as a consequence of that won't be useful. If they separated in zip/rar format .
  6. How much the size? Could you upload the original files please?
  7. Hi Is it possible for you to upload All stuff together in one place, like mega.nz ?
  8. Thanks I meant uploading PDF/Files on mega anyway thank you
  9. viewing and verifying online gives better sense to members! however, this is my Idea and respect your sharing.
  10. Thanks could you please upload your files on mega ....
  11. But I personally prefer to practice each segment/sections in my own then mix together for high-scale and this is correct way. If you can not redistribute correctly in one ASs as an example, how you expect it's working from other ASs as well? So, you should practice at first with your system, any parts that be able to simulate ! If you can't do SD-WAN, DNA, ok , then switch to Server to practice this. But let me inform you and anyone here why most of CCIEs holder do not have at least CCNP or even CCNA practical knowledge , I'll tell you . Because they're just practicing DUMP and memorize it, If examiner/Lab's questions get changes , they couldn't solve it. As a result, try to make and solve as many as you can scenario in your simulator(GNS3 , EVE-ng , ...) and not rely on this questions, they are perfect , but for a time that you're fully prepared, no workbooks and no training are remain that you're not practicing them two or three times.
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