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  1. looking to go for this exam..please support
  2. @RR2015 I have passed the exam on 20Aug, I can say it was enough for me to pass at that time.
  3. Hi All, I have uploaded the stuff I used, on Google Drive. This may be helpful but I would suggest to go with all possible resources before attempting the exam. [Hidden Content]
  4. @RR2015 it looks my comments have been deleted due to some reason. You may follow the URL's I have posted on 20-Aug, there are lot of questions to practice but you may need to check the correct answers in case of doubt. Along with INE nuggets, SDWAN e-book provided in one of the post on this forum was also helpful.
  5. I have provided the resources I used to pass the exam. Exam had 64 questions most of the which were from the resources I used. I also went through CBT nuggets and SDWAN e-book both of which were available through this forum only ( Thanks to those who uploaded it), but honestly could not complete both. I practiced lot of questions online and dumps for the last 2 days before my exam.
  6. I passed my exam today, I did purchase dumps from "certspilot" to practice and it proved helpful but it had many incorrect answers and while searching over internet I could find sites which have lot of questions and are free to access, those sites also helped me. [Hidden Content] ( it has more than 400 questions) [Hidden Content] ( 60 q) I have also checked the dumps shared by @[email protected] above, there were lot of questions from the same. In summary, you may follow the three options but make sure you correct the answers provided and if I can clear you too can. All the best. READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING