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  1. What? Are you kidding me? I was asked to spread this is absolutely absurd when its on the internet and I shared the link after finding it. If you look around it was shared here before this but noone noticed it because it was buried in another post. Imagine coming on a forum that share everything here that is pretty much illegal and calling this one illegal. Seems like your more hurt for people not buying EVE-NG, but you have no issue downloading an using other peoples or companies products free of charge. Just amazing!!! Grow up!
  2. Automated response, easier management, and enhanced security analytics What’s new in Cisco Stealthwatch Release 7.3.0 A lot of things have fundamentally changed how users work today. Applications, data, and user identities have moved to the cloud, branch offices connect directly to the internet, and many users work off-premises. Although this has given users an unprecedented ability to access, create, and share information online, it has also increased the likelihood of them exposing sensitive information. Couple that with today’s evolving threats, and it comes as no surprise that security breaches continue to proliferate. You need comprehensive visibility into all network behavior both on and off premises to be able to detect any suspicious behavior. This is where a network detection and response (NDR) solution like Cisco Stealthwatch can help. Stealthwatch collects telemetry from network traffic, applies behavioral based modeling analytics and machine learning, and incorporates threat intelligence from Cisco Talos to derive a baseline of what normal network behavior looks like to identify suspicious and anomalous behavior in your organization, alert you to its presence, and facilitate response efforts. Stealthwatch release 7.3.0, introduces automated response capabilities to Stealthwatch, giving you new methods to share and respond to alarms, both through improvements to the response management module, and through SecureX threat response integration enhancements. In addition to that, we are announcing other exciting updates to the web UI to increase ease of use, and security analytics updates that offer more threat detection advancements. New Features ● Modernized response management module now in the web UI with customizable settings to facilitate automated data sharing and remediation ● Configurable rules and actions to offer numerous possibilities on how to share or respond to alarms ● SecureX platform integration enhancements ● Optimized installation process through full configuration in the web UI ● Flow Sensor deployment configuration and visibility improvements ● Enhanced security analytics [Hidden Content]
  3. I don't see a recent PDF for this exam, but there is an online site that seems to offer recent exam questions. I would take a look at that if you're planning on taking this exam, which I'm current in the same boat.
  4. Congrats on passing. I just started to study both PCNSA & PCNSE after which I will attempt the PCNSE. Interesting just a week ago I had no interest in this exam until I was asked about having any experience, so here I am pushing to pass this thing in about a month. If you have anything you can share with the group I'm sure we all would appreciate it. Congrats again 🙂
  5. The username and password is admin/admin. The login does not work until you get the vm login, so you have to wait. Get the CBTNuggets videos on PCNSA & PCNSE, Barker talks about the fake logins until you see the vm prompt.
  6. Chinesedumps I believe are the real thing, I don't know about the rest.
  7. There is nothing wrong with this program it is eve-ng with some features added to make it simpler to use. Have to wonder why eve-ng is not doing the same to make their product more appealing.
  8. You do know that this has a store that you create an account to online if you want? In order to download labs, grab docker devices, etc. I can understand your concern, but it seems like its widely used by others and I've never seen anyone to concerned. As long as it is not malicious it does a great job and I'm happy with it for the most part and currently I just created a lab for Palo Alto 10.1.0 for CBTNuggets and it helping me get a lot of hands on experience with their firewall product that I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to do so. Did people getting offers because they actually registered with PNETLabs online? I find you're gaining much more than you lose by having a someone contact you for offers about labs, because in the end we are getting premade labs all the time to for workbooks.
  9. Nobody with these? Mainly, PCNSE.
  10. Please can someone share this on Mega, so I can import it to my own box?
  11. I don't know why this was not talked about more here, but this is probably the best emulator that offers Labs right online Free with the training videos that most of us use now. If you have labs that you have now you can upload the same way as EVE Find image files with ishare search check YouTube video [Hidden Content] Fix permissions right inside the web interface by going to system/system settings and just click the button fix permission. That right, no need to fire up telnet after you upload new images. Get it here free literally this is EVE-NG, but 1000 percent better! Network adapter setup for VMware: I just bridged them both to physical network, I didn't need to manually configure the IP address. 4.2.10 [hide][Hidden Content]] 5.0.1 Patch Upgrade [hide][Hidden Content]] How to manually upgrade: After Download the upgrade patch package. Copy it to /tmp folder of PNETLab SSH to PNETLab with root account and run command to check: cd /tmp ls -l Unzip upgrade package by command: delete old upgrade folder if exist by command: rm -rf upgrade unzip [package] -d ./upgrade (Eg: unzip 5.0.1.zip -d ./upgrade) Check again by command : ls -l . You should see the upgrade folder Run below commands to upgrade. chmod 755 -R upgrade find upgrade -type f -print0 | xargs -0 dos2unix 2>&1 ./upgrade/upgrade Login to Web Guide and check again (System|Version) You should be all set.
  12. Great share, I'm curious does this have associated video's? I just found CCIE lab with Orphan Ergan & there are videos with his labs. Is there something similar that was release by Narbik K that I'm missing on this forum?