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  1. I am just wondering how on earlth would spoto or any other similiar companies got the exam questions to start with?
  2. Thanks for the info!!! Just wonder how is your preparation going? Is you exam soon? Any further update/revision on the VCE? When I load the file in VCE player, it shows v14 instead of v15...
  3. Any possibility to reshared the files? I lost my previously downloaded files...
  4. Wonder if you could make the downloads available again? I lost my files...
  5. Wonder if there would be any further updates? Mine is scheduled for May...Super nervous currently...
  6. Wonder if there is any further updates regarding the validity of the various dumps out there? Anyone could share OR which one to purchase?
  7. Trying to install a virtual appliance inside EVE-NG for preparation of the v6 lab, specifically covering the "FireAMP Cloud v5.3"... But I can not find any downloads from Cisco... Any ideas? Tried to search dcloud and devnet...neither has anything about this product...
  8. That's why I am here asking for any useful dump for the exam...
  9. It does seem like no one is interested about this exam...Still waiting.
  10. Bump this again...still waiting.
  11. For anyone interested, here is the lecture slide decks part1 and part2 in the post below. There is no hand-on lab guide in this training.
  12. Still waiting and wonder if anyone has good dumps?