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  1. Hey All, Please feel free to DM me to add you to this group. Cheers, Mr.P
  2. Anyone wanting to join this group, please PM me your skype ID.
  3. This is good, but the design section has changed considerably now. Still looking for the updates.
  4. Exact same thing happened to me in the first lab - where I was missing certain routes from the SD-WAN site across VPN 999. Similar to you, I bounced the VLAN interface and that seemed to fix the problem. Tragically I only had 5 minutes left on the lab.
  5. I have discovered that there's a delay of 2 seconds for the passive side if you're active/passive, so making both sides active is potentially making it shorter. However, it's not really "tuning" anything.
  6. Can't say whether it's the right answer or not, but I don't see what other options are available. However, the question does state that all interfaces must be up and active, so if you place max-bundle 1 and LACP-Fast switchover, I am not sure that's going to be correct. It's a tough question that I can't find any other examples of online.
  7. FYI - there's an issues around OSPF if the RID for the vEdge is the same for both VPN 999 and VPN 0. I highly suspect this is the instability you talk about, and this is not a problem in the exam.
  8. Has anyoone taking the exam lately and gotten the first version? Wondering if all exam takers now get the most recent version rather than the original.
  9. This question is really bugging me. There's nothing you gain from making both sides active/active. LACP Rate fast is not available in the exam, I have tried it. The only thing I am starting to wonder is the Max-Bundle/Fast switchover combination. This makes the link bundle time extremely short if there's a failure on one of the links. I suspect that might be where the correct answer lies.
  10. I highly recommed these, they are very similar to the actual lab. The only downside is that they don't reveal the correct answers.
  11. I've seen a few updates, but none are 100% correct yet.
  12. I have completed two lab attempts, both were different. First was closer to the original version which I have seen questions for. Second was around 50% different, which I haven't seen any questions for. I am happy to help anyone out, just message me.
  13. Early April. Seemed like tasks were along the same line but far tougher, for example static DHCP reservations for certain hosts. Do you have an updated Spoto doco? I can confirm if it's the correct Q or not.