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CCIE study groups (bgp dampening)

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Hi guys,

Have a practical question, from those of you studying, did you find an active study group (preferably not a commercial one) where you could ask this type of questions :

I'm doing the BGP dampening lab from INE, in this lab, you have to find the half time value to resume the advertisement after 5 mins, for a 2000 suppress and 750 reuse time.

The formula to calculate this (after all simplifications) is Half_Life=5*Ln(2)/Ln(200/75).

The type of questions that come out of this is : do I have to learn the formula, and do the calculation everytime I have a similar task, or, should I just know how to configure and for example, play with the values until I get the desired result ? How would one approach this type of tasks ?

So yeah, except from this forum, are there places where people are actively sharing this kind of info ? Or is it rare to find such place ?


Thank you guys, have a great week ahead.

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