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  1. Sorry for late response. Past like question 60 or 70 in that its kinda repeat of the first doc but majority of the pre questions are on the test. For the notes its literally bait look it up yourself
  2. Yes i did luckily pass (even tho the average doesn't add up) There wasn't that many SDWAN questions in the test you would think of. The ones in the test are ones you can be able to answer or in my 2 documents. New questions honestly because there were like 35 new questions you can't remember all the ones other than the ones you struggled with. (I tried my best but Cisco ones i could have remember this time no) The two files are NOT enough to pass. They are literally free questions that you can get that will make you pass yes but others state 75% of the questions appear a week ago so i may had a bad bunch. Now is it enough to pass with these 2 docs and the public information out there plus knowledge 100% yes. One thing i can say is the "odd" question I got were like Primsa mobile access w/e Cortex Lake is 2TB Zone: Internal Zone: External What do you need to make this work and the options were like remote access, routing, idk i can't remember sorry. One thing i can say is all the new answers are just the marketing BS. You have to know Panaroma and Cortex, Primsa and what they are.
  3. As I promised i would give you all my material. Now please don't just react before listening to me first. Out of all of 75 questions, about 40 of them i've seen. Which means 35 of them are new and never before seen. This means these dumps are not enough. Now i've linked 2 docs. One from examtopics and other (you could have googled by now). I HAVE CORRECTED THEM TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. Do not take my answers. Anyways i'll be here for a couple of days if you have questions 🙂
  4. I'm taking my test next week so i'll let you guys know how it goes and if all my current material is correct, i'll share it all
  5. The exam itself just got updated to the 10.1 version so what i can say for people looking for it right now, will either get the old outdated dump or a fake one thats not confirmed. What i recommend is us waiting til the end of October and seeing whats there
  6. Hello cert commuters, I am in need of some Qradar Certification dumps/tests/materials This can be related to the C1000-018 or C1000-026
  7. i really needed this but bro can you like upload this to mega or somewhere else its 100kb download lol Edit: B is failing to download as well since corruption