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  1. Hi Kindly note that after creating the cdrom.iso for the velocloud you'll need to fix the permission
  2. I was wondering if there's any way to simulate aws localy
  3. Hi Everyone there's no problem of using different version of vcg and vce were the vco version is higher i tried it inside my lab using the provided vce and vco
  4. no need for license when deploy it as it was not required and i was able to simulate it and it was functional normally without any problem
  5. Hi jedyou please refer to the below youtube to configure the velocloud as velocloud on eve-ng or pnetab are similar to kvm config and need init-config file using the creation of cdrom file to create your own credentials
  6. Velocloud orchestrator image Velocloud gateway image Velocloud edge image and you can find here one my lab that I simulated on pnetlab using vmware design and images
  7. I tried to do the same configuration in this video however and always the web not working anyone have solved this issue please reply
  8. Hi, everyone i was trying to deploy them on eve-ng but i had some problem with the login i wasn't able to login in the web. if you want i have the qcow2 version and i will share it with you if you're interested.
  9. Hi friends find Ekahau predictive wireless tool it's a very helpful for wireless engineer to predict sites wireless coverage and estimate AP number
  10. Welcome back i was looking for this group it's been long time