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  1. That's exactly the link I was looking at. There are only three locations marked with "BYOD - Pilot" All the other locations are Cisco kit, so if you register for those your exam fees won't be waived
  2. I still only see the three original BYOD locations: US, UK and Hong-Kong
  3. This is not a mock lab, this is the real exam. The current schedule only has 3 locations that accept BYOD candidates so its' kinda limited, but if you live close to any of those (US, UK, HK) it's worth a try
  4. Just uploaded one of them to the Devnet shares forum:
  5. You're probably better off downloading the .iso and use GNS3 or EVE, anyway
  6. CBT Nuggets network automation course should get you started with python, ansible, and other automation related topics. They also have DEVASC and DEVCOR courses.