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  1. Just sat and failed by 2%.. note if you go for any Juniper certs note that the questions must have changed since the dumps as none of the dumps out there are “valid”.. don’t pay for any as they are all invalid… just use the free ones you find (which are still invalid but ok for practice).. I will keep an eye out for any valid ones as I know know most questions
  2. There are a few JNCIA-junos dumps about.. just sat the exam this morning.. its got a low pass mark of just 60% ... though none of the dumps on here so far have any questions... just similar...
  3. Thanks .. though JNCIA-DC needs to be added also... Lee.
  4. I have started on the path of JNCIA-DC > JNCIS-DC > JNCIP-DC ... Just wondering if anyone else is/has ?
  5. Can there be a Forum added for JNCIA-DC and JNCIS-DC please