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[OFFER] The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening Guide

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Free Download [OFFER] The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening Guide
Published 2/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 6.33 GB | Duration: 5h 3m
Unlock Your Magic, Cultivate Spiritual Abilities, and Transform Your Life

What you'll learn
How to access and remove negative subconscious stories hidden in the mind.
How to magnetise the subconscious mind to work with you towards your goals bith physical and spiritual
How to use shadow work to uncover harmful beliefs and transmute that energy
EFT Tapping for healing emotional energy wounds that keep you playing small.
How the body acts as the veil between the physical and energetic ( a portal)
Exposing the stagnant energy sitting in our bodies keeping us feeling stuck and tethered to mediocrity.
How raising the vibration of your body daily will change the trajectory of your life.
How to connect with your personal spirit team.
Inner Child Healing.
What does energy transmutation mean and how can it help me achieve my goals?
A desire to connect deeply with spirit
A desire to see beyond the physical
A desire to journey within and discovery who you really are
Unlock the magic within you! If you sense the power within but struggle to unleash it, if your spiritual abilities beckon but you lack the know-how to nurture and control them, this course is your guiding light. Dive into the secrets of building a profound spiritual connection and establishing a transformative everyday practice.Discover the art of healing your mind, programming it for success, and honing your ability to perceive and communicate in the spiritual realm. Master techniques to release stagnant energy from your body, paving the way for divine energies infused with abundance and spiritual gifts. Forge connections with your spirit guides, nurture your soul, and mend your inner child. The healing modalities taught in this course are profound techniques to add you to your self-mastery toolkit. Our weekly lectures are complemented by hands-on spiritual practices, ensuring that by the end of this course, you'll have cultivated a robust spiritual routine. Stay attuned to universal energy and consistently amplify your spiritual power.Once you start this transformative journey, you'll witness profound changes in your life as you integrate the teachings and practices. Your spiritual awakening awaits-embrace it because you'll never be the same again. I'll see you in there!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Week 1
Lecture 2 Iffy Tricky Subconscious
Lecture 3 Notes - Iffy Tricky Subconscious Notes
Lecture 4 EFT
Lecture 5 Notes - EFT
Lecture 6 Hijacking The Subconscious
Lecture 7 Shadow Work Journal
Lecture 8 Magnetised Mind
Lecture 9 Affirmations
Lecture 10 High Vibe Morning ?
Lecture 11 Notes - High Vibe Morning
Section 3: Week 2
Lecture 12 Untethered - Anchoring Your Body To the Ultimate Source ?
Lecture 13 5 Minute Grounding Meditations ?
Lecture 14 Energy Constipation - Clearing Out The Energetic Body ?
Lecture 15 Yin Yoga - Moving The Stagnant Energy ?
Lecture 16 Notes - Yin Yoga
Lecture 17 Raising The Frequency Of The Energy Body ?
Lecture 18 Notes - Raising The Frequency
Lecture 19 Shadow Journaling For The Body ?
Section 4: Week 3
Lecture 20 Nourishing Your Soul & Spirit?
Lecture 21 Connecting With Your Spiritual Team ?
Lecture 22 Notes - Nourishing Your Soul and Spirit
Lecture 23 Inner Child Healing Meditation ?
Section 5: Week 4
Lecture 24 Spiritual Practice ?
Lecture 25 Notes - Spiritual Practice
Lecture 26 Anger Release Session ?
Lecture 27 Notes - Anger Release
Lecture 28 Meditation For Transmuting Negative Energy ?
The woman who wants a guide on how to get into spirituality and develop a working framework.,The woman who has awakened but has gone about it in haphazard way and would like to cement a spiritual practice,The woman who has a desire to see beyond the physical and connect with energetic and spiritual realms,The woman who wants to uncover & strengthen their spiritual abilities,Newbies/ Intermediates in spirituality


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