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[OFFER] Aging And Fitness - Learn What You Can Do

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Free Download [OFFER] Aging And Fitness - Learn What You Can Do
Published 2/2024
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What you'll learn
There is more to fitness than just staying active so you will learn about the importance of metabolism to your health.
Of course, what we eat, how much we eat, how often we eat, and at what time of the day is also very important and I will teach you the wheres, whys, and hows.
You will learn all about body conditioning. How body strength, mobility and balance are so important to your overall health and wellbeing.
Are you concerned about mobility issues or perhaps you feel limited by the amount of or lack of floor space to really work out.
I will give you aids to work past the concerns of space and mobitlity and others you may have.
I will help you stop falling back into your familiar routine that amounts to very little control over eating habits, etc.
Basically you are going to learn how to eat better, stay more active and think better so you will have a much more healthy and comfortable lifestyle as you age.
There are none required to take the course. However, if you are going to embark on a fitness program including changing your diet it is imperative that you consult with a healthcare professional first and follow their recommendations.
With very few exceptions we are truly never to old to be fit. In this course we will be discussing: Aging & FitnessMotivation For SeniorsCommon Health IssuesHealth & Fitness Assessments Exercise TechniquesOvercome Fatigue.Under these general headings we will discuss topics like BMI, BMR, MET, Body Fat Calipers, Scales, pedometers, smart watches, resistance bands rather than weights and a few other topics as they come to my mind.There is a lot to get through, but you are so worth it.There is much to be considered when deciding on a suitable exercise or workout regimen no matter what your age is and if you are in the what is called senior category you need to give careful consideration to some important facts before you begin an exercise program. So, it makes sense for us to address those first.First up will be metabolism. I'll help you gain a better understanding of it and how it affects our bodies and more importantly how it changes as we age.We will talk about the foods we eat and how that changes as we age.And those two subjects set us on a successful quest to start exercising in a smart rather than a knee jerk approach. We will look at exercise techniques, what motivates us, how to deal with fatigue and so much more.Join me on the inside, try a few lectures and see if I might be presenting some answers that have plagued you as you consider improving your fitness. Check out lecture 17 as a test, "Five Exercise Routines You Can Do At Home"One last reminder: You Are Worth It!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Aging And Exercise
Lecture 2 Metabolism
Lecture 3 Food Intake
Section 3: What Types Of Exercises Are Possible
Lecture 4 Body Condition
Lecture 5 What Types of Exercises Are Possible
Lecture 6 Time and Space
Section 4: What Keeps You Motivated
Lecture 7 Make A Public Commitment
Lecture 8 What Keeps You Motivated
Lecture 9 Motivation Mistakes
Lecture 10 Can Diet Influence Motivation
Section 5: Checking Out This Whole Physical Fitness Thing - What Is It To You?
Lecture 11 Checking It All Out
Lecture 12 Exercise Technique
Lecture 13 Walking
Lecture 14 MET Defined
Lecture 15 What Is A Met Minute
Lecture 16 Water Aerobics
Lecture 17 Five Exercise Routines You Can Do At Home
Lecture 18 Why Is Physical Activity So Important
In answering that, I could be flippant and just say "YOU", but I will say anyone who recognizes in their heart that things need to change.


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