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Last day to take SAA-C02 is August 29 / SAA-C03 available from August 30

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Took the AWS SAA-C03 exam online via Pearson Vue recently and luckily passed with a good score. (p.s. the passing score is 720, not 700)

The actual SAA-C03 exam questions are lenghty, with two or three paragraphs. Reading carefully all the questions, sometimes just a word makes the difference between the right and wrong answers.

A lot of questions about Machine Learning and new Database services in the actual SAA-C03 test.

Also, many questions focus on S3, Lamdba, VPC, Organizations, Glacier.

The SAA-C03 has networking stuff involved and more in security services like Network Firewall, Transit Gateways ... etc.

The new SAA-C03 exam has almost the same exam domains compared with the previous one (SAA-C02). And, there is no Lab section for SAA-C03 test, unlike the new SOA-C02 exam.

There are a lot of questions in the SAA-C03 exam that presents two seemingly valid options, so you absolutely must know the patterns and anti-patterns for each AWS service.

By the way, if you need my SAA-C03 study materials, I am glad to share.

PM me by looking my "Signature".

Good luck!

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